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SRx Compounding & Wellness


SRx Compounding & Wellness Pharmacy’s main objective is to work closely with physicians and provide medications for each patient’s needs. If a patient has a tolerance problem with certain conventional medications, compounding alternatives are often the most successful solution.  As a member of PCCA, (Professional Compounding Center of America), we have 24/7 access to their compounding library.  Our affiliation enables us to alert physicians and patients to the most recent advances in the apothecary world and about any problems with the availability of conventional medications.

Customized compounding offers the benefit of meeting an individual’s specific needs.  Formulated medications are often prescribed for Bio-identical Hormonal Therapy, (BHRT), because they have the same chemical structure and function as naturally occurring hormones.  At SRx, we can prepare customized prescriptions for a product that is discontinued and has worked well for a patient in the past.  We are also able to tailor the strength, dosage form, and flavor of many prescribed formulated medications.

In addition to providing formulated medications for internal medicine, pediatrics, and BHRT, we work closely with you and your doctor to provide compounding solutions for many of these health care issues.